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An extensible C# library for the Matrix protocol. Primarily built around our own project needs, but we're open to contributions and improvements, especially around spec compliance. The library currently targets .NET 8. We like to follow the latest release of .NET.

ArcaneLibs can be found on GitHub. Personally we use the MatrixRoomUtils project as workspace, though improvements to make the library more easy to build outside of this would be appreciated.


Probably add as a submodule for now? NuGet packaging still has to be implemented.


Any contribution is welcome, even if it's just documentation or recommended git practices! We're not too strict on code style, but we do have a few guidelines: - Use spaces, not tabs - Use 4 spaces for indentation - Use the C# naming convention for variables, methods, etc. - Wrap lines at 160 characters, though this value can be changed if it's too lean or strict - Use the #region and #endregion directives to group code if you're adding utility functions

# Prepare patch set
mkdir patches
git format-patch --output-directory "./patches" @{u}..

# Send patches

You can send the patches to @emma:rory.gay or in the Rory&::LibMatrix room.

Developer utility commands

Error reporting upon file save (may not work):

inotifywait -rmqe CLOSE_WRITE --include '.*\.cs$' . | while read l; do clear; dotnet build --property WarningLevel=0; done

Hot rebuild on file save:

dotnet watch run --no-hot-reload --property WarningLevel=0